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Jonathan was quick to lend a hand – and his expertise was extensive. We can’t all do favors all the time, but he certainly helped when he offered me one!

Bo P.

Jonathan was a great resource in getting us flowing in the right direction. Being a start-up, there was much to be learned in the sales and development areas. He made a huge difference in where we are today.

Janie B.

Jonathan is an exceptional leader. He helped my company grow by over 38% in the first year!

Darrell S.

Jonathan’s expertise within the agency world helped us to increase our closing rate and per project dollar amount. Highly highly recommend working with this guy, he’s amazing! 

Daniel J.

Jonathan’s insight and experience really helped us! He is able to objectively look at the big picture and has the ability to quickly establish what’s really happening within a biz.

Michael H.

Jonathan is a natural leader. On more than one occasion his advice not only saved us money, but improved our margins!

Vickie C.

Jonathan is the advice totem. He’s got a great business and a clear direction and journey in which he takes his clients on. I’ve sat with him for open advice and he’s been more than helpful. Thanks Jon.

Stephanie C.

Not only did he deliver exactly the information we needed. He made it simple to re-produce the results.

Brent B.

Jonathan is the guy they call when no one else is able to fix a sales problem. I would recommend Jonathan to anyone looking to build their business.

David K.

Jonathan has a gift for sales but he says “it’s learned”. He’s a thoughtful mentor and coach who’s voice will be over your shoulder with each “sales” interaction you have. That’s a good thing!

Ben F.

I would definitely recommend Jonathan to any business looking to grow and maximizing their top-line revenue!

Fernando G.

Awesome service and couldn’t be more friendly, highly recommended!

Franky V.

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