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Jon has made a big impact in helping me improve my sales process and growing my agency! I can’t thank him enough!

Debra S.

I always love the way Jon breaks down a situation and gets to the facts. Always tons of gold nuggets coming out of his discussions and I look forward to them every time.

William C.

Simple. It’s good business, for good business!!!

Daniel H.
Revenue Love Background

If you hate sales then you need Jonathan and Revenue Love. He’s the master at sales as well as dealing with objections. Just sayin…

Barry A.

His Revenue Love coaching will transform your biz and your life!

Clifford A.

Any project that he works on, he will go above and beyond what is needed. He offers real world solutions, not a bunch of jargon!

Dean S.

By working with Jonathan we feel like we gathered a decade’s worth of knowledge in a matter of months.

Devon R.

Jonathan didn’t bullshit us – he proved (more than once) how dedicated, careful and thoughtful an exceptional salesperson must be to succeed. Would I hire him again? Hell YES!

Jeff U.

Whether it be a business issue, a problem with sales or you are struggling with digital marketing, he always comes up with the goods and he loves sharing experiences to help you understand how to solve your problems.

Steve J.

3000% return on our investment so far, and we haven’t even finished the Sales Accelerator Program!

Stephen K.

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