You Don’t Hate Sales.


It’s time to unlearn the lies you’ve been sold


Sales Is The Driver

Prosperity can be defined as “having no lack”. Not lacking in any area of your life. This includes family, work, friends, etc. It’s never just about the money. The moment we make prosperity only about money is the moment we start to lose.

~ Jonathan Hinshaw


What do you think about? What do you dream about? What would you still do for work even if you didn’t get paid for it? These are some of the clues to unlocking your passion and without passion, you can’t live out your true purpose.


Once you find your true purpose, your reason for being here, you are then able to put it to work. Maybe that’s a business, a product, or a service. If you work within your purpose, your vision starts to become clear.


Stop believing the lies that you’ve been sold about money. Money isn’t good or bad or evil or anything. Money is a tool. And in the right hands, that tool can change lives. We all have value. The key is, turning it into profit.

We Got That NEW NEW!

This is NOT just another sales training program

Create the ultimate sales process

Learn how to build value and bring in clients you love working with. Overcome things like anxiousness and stress when it comes to selling.

Increase your productivity

Let’s be clear. Time cannot be managed. But the actions you take can. Failure to plan is planning to fail. Learn the keys to getting more done in a day than you ever thought possible!

Identify your values, strengths, and goals

Get clarity on what drives you, who you want to work with, what your goals are in life and business. When these become clear, you’ll find focus.

Establish work/life balance

If you’re successful in business and have a crap home life, then what’s it all for anyway? Right!? Learn how to set proper boundaries that enable you to excel at work and family.

Move past your blind spots

Humans have a tendency to ignore something especially when it is difficult or unpleasant. These are typically the biggest areas of growth that one could possibly shine a light on.

Thrive in times of transition

Change (aka transitions) can either launch us forward or propel us backward. Discover how to truly win, even if everyone else around you seems to be losing.


  • Testimonial

    Jon is a first class individual. It has been a pleasure doing business with his organization and getting to know him personally.

    David B.

  • Testimonial

    Jonathan understands the challenges faced by a small business owner. He keeps things real and will go out of his way to offer support and guidance beyond what you would expect from a business consultant.

    Sharen S.

  • Testimonial

    I have zero hesitations to recommend Jon to anyone who might need his services.

    Chad B.


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